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at the old town of Plaka in Athens 

Pandora Art Gallery                  is delighted to present its      new limited edition releases from our resident Artist             Dimitris C. Milionis

As Kids, we had the urge to stick our fingers in the beach sand, making pictures that did not last until Poseidon sent the next big wave, so no one saw them but Apollo under the great Greek sun over the Aegean Sky.

In Greek mythology, Pandora "all gifted" was the first woman, fashioned by Zeus as part of the punishment of humankind for Prometheus theft of the secret of fire.

Every day since the Spring of 1975 a group of lofty Artists worked with us at Pandora Art Gallery in Plaka, we have evolved creating and reproducing the highest quality of traditional, modern and contemporary Greek art to satisfy Pandora's unique VIP clients as world collectors of our Hellenic heritage.

Pandora Art Gallery has become a metaphor for Artistic development. Our Artists portfolios include Contemporary Fine Art, Special edition ceramics and bronze statues all under the Acropolis of Athens, in the heart of Old Plaka.

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Providing Quality Service and Satisfaction to our International Clients, since 1975.

Our Prices include insurance and deliver to your door step via UPS Worldwide Express Freight, who guarantees door-to-door international air freight delivery worldwide.

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