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Explore the rich cultural heritage of the Hellenic world at Pandora Art Gallery, located in the heart of historic Athens.

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Discover the newest and most exciting works from our talented artists, handpicked for your enjoyment.

Metal Sculptures
22CM (9’’)
Manolis Romantzis
Metal Sculptures
70CM (27.5’’)
Spyros Koikas
Nail Sculptures
58CM (22’’)
Christakis Krisikos

Unique Paintings Treasures

Timeless treasures painted on canvas. Travel through the eyes of Greek painter artists as each piece is hand-selected for its cultural and historical significance, and represents a unique feeling.

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Acrylic Painting
144CM X 174CM (56’’ X 68’’)
Mix Media Painting
100CM X 70CM (39.3’’ X 27.5’’)
Konstantinos Papaioannou
Acrylic Painting
112CM X 144CM (44’’ X 56.7’’)

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Journey back in time and explore the full range of our stunning collections, from contemporary fine art to special edition ceramics and bronze statues, all inspired by the rich heritage of ancient Greece.


Discover The Pandora Journal

The Pandora Journal is your window into the world of art and culture at the Pandora Art Gallery. Follow us as we bring you tales of our featured artists, showcase our latest arrivals, and share the rich heritage of our collections. Our blog is your source for inspiration and insight into the heart of the Pandora Art Gallery.

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Unveiling the Artistic Brilliance of Oil Paintings: A Journey Through Pandora Art Gallery's Masterpieces

Oil painting is an ancient art form that has survived through the ages. It is a technique that requires patience, skill, and a deep understanding of color theory. The medium allows for an incredible range of depth, texture, and luminosity, and the resulting works of art are breathtaking.

Beyond Beauty: How Greek Artifacts at Pandora's Gallery Reflect the Value of Philosophy

Pandora's Gallery in Athens is home to some of the most remarkable Greek artifacts in faithful replicas of the original masterpieces, each holding a unique story and history. The beauty of these artefacts is not just in their physical appearance but also in the deeper philosophical meaning they carry. This journal aims to delve into the value of philosophy reflected in the Greek artifacts at Pandora's Gallery, going beyond just their beauty.

Finding the Divine in Greek Art: Exploring the Mystical Elements of Pandora's Box

Greek art has long been celebrated for its intricate beauty and attention to detail. From the majestic sculptures of the Acropolis to the colorful mosaics of Delphi, Greek art has captured the imagination of people all over the world. But beyond its aesthetic appeal, Greek art is also known for its ability to convey spiritual and philosophical ideas. One such example is the myth of Pandora's box, which explores the relationship between human curiosity and divine intervention.